Perkasie Pool Closing

As excited as you might have been to open up your Perkasie pool, when fall draws near and it is time to close it, all excitement is gone and you find no joy in draining the blessed vessel that has brought you so many days of fun in the sun. Not only is it depressing to admit that winter draws near, the actual process of closing your Perkasie pool is more time consuming than the process of getting it ready for summer.

At Albano Pools Renovations And Service, we make it our mission to ensure that all Perkasie pool owners can depend on our quick and efficient pool closing services to save them from the frustrating and time-consuming process of putting their Perkasie pools to sleep for the cold months. So relax, give us a call, and sit back knowing that we will take care of every last detail to ensure that your pool is well equipped to get through yet another winter.

Just like we do for opening services, we offer several pool closing packages to suit your needs. We are happy to offer complete Perkasie pool closing services were required, or to write up a custom Perkasie pool closing plan for your unique situation. Here are the pool closing services that are available to Perkasie pool owners who choose to trust our training and experience to help them make sure their pool is properly set up for winter:

  • Draining the water to the appropriate level
  • Opening and draining all valves, as well as draining and plugging all suction lines
  • Draining filter, pump and heater
  • Cleaning all pipes and filling them with anti-freeze
  • Shocking pool with chemicals
  • Filling pool with the appropriate level of algaecide
  • Installing and securing winter cover

Following the closing of your Perkasie pool, you may be interested in our Perkasie winter pool maintenance services. Monthly visits will allow us to ensure that your pool cover stays free of debris and water. Our Perkasie winter maintenance pool services also include filter cleaning and salt cell cleaning. If you are in the greater Perkasie area and would like more information about our Perkasie pool closing services, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We will be happy to offer a free estimate on all closing and winter pool maintenance services.